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  • Toomey Brings Knowledge, Expertise to Role at North American Coatings

    10-13-14 CToomey

    Christopher Toomey, Senior Vice President of Regional Procurement for BASF in North America, will assume responsibility for the BASF Coatings business in North America, effective Nov. 1. 

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  • Rising Economy Motivates “Gen Y” Car Buyers to Buy New Cars


    A rising tide floats all boats, and it turns out, a rising economy motivates “Gen Y” car buyers (ages 20 – 37) to buy new cars.

    The industry fears of the past few years, that younger people are not interested in buying new cars and instead spend their money on technology like the latest computer and smart phone, were more the result of a poor economy than a major change in consumer basics. What has shifted is the emphasis on a good job, and as these are more plentiful, young consumers want and need new cars. 

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